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Our Products

Our Products range from Sacco Software, Accounting System, HR and Payroll Software and Bulk SMS. All running in the cloud hence can be accessed from anywhere around the globe

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Sacco ERP

Manage SACCOs income from different investments, members activities,Loans,Shares and dividends with ease. Expenses Module facilitate smooth tracking of expenses.

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With HR performance linked to business outcomes, HR needs to focus more on strategic talent imperatives and outsource their transactional HR & payroll activities. Get our Hr and Payroll system today.

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Accounting ERP

Financial accounting software program created for use by small and medium sized businesses. The software entails features aimed at helping users manage each of their accounting functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit card management and financial reporting

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Mobi Biz

Bulk SMS marketing strategy is a technique in which business promoters take their new features, amazing offers etc. to their customer base via SMS services. With every individual owning a mobile phone these days, these short message service based marketing techniques reach the customer quickly and also help them to reply back swiftly. MobiBiz BULK SMS Service is a User-friendly web-based interface allows you to manage your SMS Messaging services. We provide additional scripts for use with all interfaces. Add short codes or long codes for international two-way messaging, as well as SMS labels Bulk SMS in Kenya, Short Code, USSD Service Provider in Kenya Are you looking for Bulk SMS in Kenya as a Solution for your organization? MobiBiz offers Bulk SMS in Kenya, Short Code, USSD Service Provider in Kenya, Free Bulk SMS Account in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kakamega, Nyeri . We offer Premium Bulk SMS solutions at affordable rates. Send bulk SMS messages to Kenya -Text messaging, or SMS, is the most attention-grabbing, immediate, and convenient form of communication. Thus it’s becoming important to ensure mobile messaging included in the marketing mix. People would sooner leave home without their wallets than their phones. MobiBiz Bulk SMS service is easy to use, reliable, scalable to millions of text messages, and smart enough to help you target the most relevant messages for your subscribers, delivering maximum results.

Product Features

Our Bulk SMS and Email Solution Software enables you to deliver updates directly to your client's phone. Same message can be brodcasted over many recipients. With our bulk Email Solution, clients can receive email notifications upon delivery of a service or when communication to client is needed.

Product Name Mobi Biz
License Enterprise License
Product Size 150 MB

System Modules

  User Manager
  Address Book
  Bulk Emails
  Bulk SMS
  SMS Reports

Our Commitment

We offer Training for all our Software and full time all round Support for all Products is provided both onsite and remotely

"Not only has SunAfric fulfilled our complex requirements but also added value at every stage... When you're dealing with business critical applications, it's good to work with a safe pair of hands."
  Beatrice, Securitas Kenya
"SunAfric played a big part in turning our thoughts into reality and were a joy to work with." Their extensive skills and experience have been crucial to the success of my company, using payroll solution for the last 4 years"
  Harrison, Johaz Enterprises Ltd.
"The addition of the new system means we can turn around reports within 48 hours - that's our competitive advantage.They consistently exceeded the expectation levels that we set going into the relationship."
  Santy, GESCI

Technology Partners

SAP Business Analytics

We make use of the SAP Business Intelligence tools in our reporting.

Oracle Database

Oracle as database management system


Java development tools for applications development

.Net Framework

Microsoft dot Net Framework tools for Enterprise applications development