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Our Products

Our Products range from Sacco Software, Accounting System, HR and Payroll Software and Bulk SMS . All running in the cloud hence can be accessed from anywhere around the globe

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Sacco ERP

Manage SACCOs income from different investments, members activities,Loans,Shares and dividends with ease. Expenses Module facilitate smooth tracking of expenses.

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With HR performance linked to business outcomes, HR needs to focus more on strategic talent imperatives and outsource their transactional HR & payroll activities. Get our Hr and Payroll system today.

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Accounting ERP

Financial accounting software program created for use by small and medium sized businesses. The software entails features aimed at helping users manage each of their accounting functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit card management and financial reporting

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Sacco ERP

Sacco ERP is an integrated Sacco and Microfinance Management System with a number of modules which enable a sacco to manage its operations from loans applications to disbursement, Savings accounts functionality ,Financial accounting and Reporting, shares/Deposits management,Front office administration, Asset management and system administration modules

Product Features

Sacco ERP Software provides you with smart effortless functionality enabling you to concentrate on other areas of your business operations. From Loans management, Shares and Dividends management to Customer and banking management, Bulk SMS , HRM and Payroll integrated all under one system. With Our Extensive GL Accouting you can be confindent that your financial reporting is well taken care of. If you wish to Customize your Sacco ERP Software Product to fit your Business Model, our team of highly skilled developers is there to deliver to your specifications, responsive and can run in any device from desktops,tablets to mobile devices. Among the best sacco software in Kenya.


The Software has everything you need to start automating Sacco and microfinance banking. Web based hence can be hosted either on the cloud or on premise and accessed on the fly using either PC's, smartphones, tablets or ipads. All data is stored and accessed in a centralized database

Product Name Sacco ERP
License Enterprise License
Product Size 350 MB

System Modules

  User Management
  Customer Management
  Loans Management
  Financial Module
  Shares/Dividends Management
  Banking Module
  Human Resources
  Payroll Processing
  Client Savings Module
  Bulk SMS and Emails
  Business Intelligence

Our Commitment

We offer Training for SunLax Microfinance Software and full time all round Support for all Products is provided both onsite and remotely

Our Clients

"Not only has SunAfric fulfilled our complex requirements but also added value at every stage... When you're dealing with business critical applications, it's good to work with a safe pair of hands."
  Beatrice, Securitas Kenya
"SunAfric played a big part in turning our thoughts into reality and were a joy to work with." Their extensive skills and experience have been crucial to the success of my company, using payroll solution for the last 4 years"
  Harrison, Johaz Enterprises Ltd.
"The addition of the new system means we can turn around reports within 48 hours - that's our competitive advantage.They consistently exceeded the expectation levels that we set going into the relationship."
  Santy, GESCI

Technology Partners

SAP Business Analytics

We make use of the SAP Business Intelligence tools in our reporting.

Oracle Database

Oracle as database management system


Java development tools for applications development

.Net Framework

Microsoft dot Net Framework tools for Enterprise applications development