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  • Version 5.0
    SunLax Payroll
    Employees in any organization are most valuable asset
    HR and Payroll System helps to manage this asset
    Can be Integrated seemlessly with other ERPs
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    Our solutions include the design, engineering,
    production and development of applications and maintenance.
    Open and standard, these solutions can be adapted to the client's
    specific needs and the resulting improvements made to simplify
    services for users.


SunAfric offers a variety of training options that meets your specific needs. We want you to use our products efficiently and effectively, so we deliver hundreds of courses each year on a variety of topics and user levels. Our training is available in an assortment of formats and locations, including: Learning Center Courses, Online Courses, Self-Study Courses, Private Cohorts, Impact Seminars, and eLearning on Demand.

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  • Fresh Training

    This happens after deployment and subsequent commissioning of our software, its an instructor led program that takes the end users through each module of the system.

  • Refresher Training

    Onsite refresher training session for Operators and Maintenance

  • System Audit

    Occurs after three months following deployment, its meant to evaluate the progress and address any challenges users are facing.


Contact us via the following contacts for Training and Support information.

  Phone: 254 727 852 521
  Phone2: 254 727 852 521
  Address: 60028,Nairobi-Kenya

Professional Services

SunAfric Software Group offers Professional Services as additional services that include: QuickStart, plus on-site product training, on-site project management and more. Clients using Professional Services often achieve a greater return on their Software investment

"Not only has SunAfric fulfilled our complex requirements but also added value at every stage... When you're dealing with business critical applications, it's good to work with a safe pair of hands."
  Beatrice, Securitas Kenya
"SunAfric played a big part in turning our thoughts into reality and were a joy to work with." Their extensive skills and experience have been crucial to the success of my company, using payroll solution for the last 4 years"
  Harrison, Johaz Enterprises Ltd.
"The addition of the new system means we can turn around reports within 48 hours - that's our competitive advantage.They consistently exceeded the expectation levels that we set going into the relationship."
  Santy, GESCI

Technology Partners

SAP Business Analytics

We make use of the SAP Business Intelligence tools in our reporting.

Oracle Database

Oracle as database management system


Java development tools for applications development

.Net Framework

Microsoft dot Net Framework tools for Enterprise applications development