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Our Services

From windows, web and mobile applications. We stand out by taking the time to understand your business and objectives, which then enables us to produce technical solutions that deliver real benefits.

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Applications Development

From windows, web and mobile applications. We stand out by taking the time to understand your business and objectives, which then enables us to produce technical solutions that deliver real benefits.

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Software Consultancy

Our consultants provide expert technical advice on how to use software to get the most out of your business. With many years’ experience at the sharp end of the software development industry, we help you make the right technical decisions and deliver the very best business value.

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ERP Integrations

After ERP implementation, Users may require more functionalities which may not be initially incorporated in the ERP, we take time and integrate any application and in the best format.

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Windows Applications Development

Looking for custom Windows Development? Look no further, We take pride in our on time delivery and ability to meet quick turn around requests while exceeding customer quality demands Continues to be of utmost importance to Absolute Corporate Solutions, as do Consistent quality, Constant innovation, Technology enhancement, Process improvement and Customer orientation.We develop our systems in Microsoft .NET Framework(C#,Asp) and Java, because we’ve found it to be significantly more productive than previous technologies. We reccommend Microsoft SQL Database Server and Oracle

Web Applications Development

A Web Application It’s a Enterprise system or application delivered over the Web. It might be an internal Payroll application used only within a company (intranet); a reseller purchasing application used with partners (extranet); or an online system available to members of the public. We have developed our core competence and aligning objectives at all levels so as to realize synergy in operations. It is our collaborative approach, creative input, and emphasis on economical solutions that has allowed us to develop an impressive and diverse client list.To be the finest skills-based IT solution provider.

Enterprise Mobility

Want to deploy your business system in mobile platform, at SunAfric Software Group we develop applications for Smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices and have proved to be a phenomenal success – and the technology driving the sector is becoming more powerful each year. Many businesses – including those in industrial and commercial markets – are tapping into the sector's exponential growth and achieving significant benefits by utilising mobile technology. Each Web Application we develop has a corresponding mobile App. Some of which are SuperHR, MobiSacco.

Database Systems

Database systems provide organisations with a central repository of information that can be easily searched or used to generate reports. There are a huge number of technologies used to implement database systems – from Access to server-based systems like SQL Server and Oracle. MS Access is often the starting point for many database systems in smaller companies or workgroups within larger organisations – and it can work well for smaller systems. But Access isn’t really suited for situations where the data is very important, or where it needs to be shared over the internet. Server based database systems like MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle use a dedicated computer to hold the database. This makes the whole system faster and provides effective protection against data corruption. Although the database server software is at the heart of the system, the process of designing a new database system has more to do with understanding the requirements and then creating the forms and reports required to enter the data and retrieve it.

Custom-Software Development

You need a new System, On time and within a certain budget? Contact us, we make it happen just the way you want it to. We take time to listen and document customers' requirements,analysing and translating this into reliable, high quality code – quickly and within budget. We develop software for Transport and Logistics, Property Management, Health Systems, E-Commerce, including international purchasing systems, Government related projects, Education and Industry related –eg Paper Mills. Some of Custom solutions we have developed include:- Financial management — detailed costs are captured in the System summarized at the appropriate level in the General Ledger for effective business analysis without time-consuming reconciliations. Also, pay costs are transferred seamlessly into the Planner module for building budgets. Project management — seamless coordination with the Project module offers users up-to-date, well-managed competence data for resourcing projects.

Software Re-Engineering

Software Re-Engineering simply means taking an existing system, and modifying it to come up with similar or totally different application. Some clients have already systems put in place but would wish the same systems be upgraded and redesigned to match the current trends, this is where we come in. Given that the focus in enterprise oriented applications is on the business processes you're looking to implement, any capable development team has to be equipped with a diverse range of technological skills to choose from, at SunAfric we posses wide range of skills from software integrators,developers, consultants and auditors. With market leadership positions around the globe and proven business software platform capabilities, SunAfric is your partner in providing professional business services specifically designed to help you embrace change. With both on premise or in the cloud deployment with the same agile and fully-functional feature set. Contact us for more information on software Re-Engineering.

Enterprise Software Solutions

We differentiate ourselves by taking the time to understand your business and objectives, which then enables us to produce technical solutions that deliver real benefits and measurable return on investment (ROI), simply the best software developers in Africa, and you're welcome aboard to work with the best.

"Not only has SunAfric fulfilled our complex requirements but also added value at every stage... When you're dealing with business critical applications, it's good to work with a safe pair of hands."
  Beatrice, Securitas Kenya
"SunAfric played a big part in turning our thoughts into reality and were a joy to work with." Their extensive skills and experience have been crucial to the success of my company, using payroll solution for the last 4 years"
  Harrison, Johaz Enterprises Ltd.
"The addition of the new system means we can turn around reports within 48 hours - that's our competitive advantage.They consistently exceeded the expectation levels that we set going into the relationship."
  Santy, GESCI

Technology Partners

SAP Business Analytics

We make use of the SAP Business Intelligence tools in our reporting.

Oracle Database

Oracle as database management system


Java development tools for applications development

.Net Framework

Microsoft dot Net Framework tools for Enterprise applications development